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1991 Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Arc Weld

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Arc Weld

Arc Weld

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Produced by David Briggs & Neil Young with Billy Talbot
Released as a limited edition 3-CD set on Oct. 23, 1991
Released seperately as "Weld" (Reprise 26671-2) (released on LP in Europe only), and "Arc" (Reprise 26769-2) (no LP release) on Nov. 23, 1991
Note: A laserdisc and videotape, entitled "Weld" was released in Nov., 1991, containing videotaped performances from this tour, some of which match those on the "Weld" CD


Hey Hey, My My (Capitol Center, Landover) - Übersetzung
Crime In The City (Civic Center, Pittsburgh) - Übersetzung
Blowin' In The Wind (War Memorial Audiorium, Buffalo)
Welfare Mothers (Capitol Center, Landover) - Übersetzung
Love To Burn (Sports Arena, Los Angeles) - Übersetzung
Cinnamon Girl (Capitol Center, Landover) - Übersetzung
Mansion On The Hill (Capitol Center, Landover) - Übersetzung
F* Up! (Capitol Center, Landover) - Übersetzung
Cortez The Killer (Civic Center, Pittsburgh) - Übersetzung
Powderfinger (Capitol Center, Landover) - Übersetzung
Love And Only Love (Civic Center, Pittsburgh) - Übersetzung
Rockin' In The Free World (Civic Center, Pittsburgh) - Übersetzung
Like A Hurricane (War Memorial Audiorium, Buffalo) - Übersetzung
Farmer John (Civic Center, Pittsburgh) - Übersetzung
Tonight's The Night (Civic Center, Pittsburgh) - Übersetzung
Roll Another Number (Sports Arena, Los Angeles) - Übersetzung



Neil Young: Gitarre, Gesang
Frank "Poncho" Sampedro: Gitarre, Keyboard (Univox Stringman), Gesang
Billy Talbot: Bass, Gesang
Ralph Molina: Schlagzeug, Gesang


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