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  1. "Keep on bloggin' `Til the power goes out The batteries dead Twist and shout" Neil Young - Fork In The Road (2009) Obviously, we found the below comment to be highly amusing indeed. The background is that earlier this week, we posted Neil Young Archives | Letter to the Editor: Mailing-List?, where a Neil Young fan laments the lack of update notifications from NYA directly so he must rely on
  2. New Curated Playlist - ON A COLLISION COURSE WITH PARTICLE KID Neil Young Archives Times-Contrarian A new curated playlist by PARTICLE KID (aka Micah Nelson) has been uploaded on the Neil Young Archives. You may recall that last month, Kurt Vile curated the very 1st Neil Young Archives Playlist with “Stumblin’ with Neil", which we found to be quite delightful. Micah Nelson's Curated Playlist
  3. LTE: Mailing-List | NYA T-C Obviously, we found the above Letter to the Editor on Neil Young Archives Times-Contrarian to be amusing. :) So thanks for the support Vili! A couple of points here -- if we may -- regarding Neil Young News. Now that the Neil Young Archives is running full time with daily updates, we've found our mission here at TW is in question. We've gotten this coming from 2
  4. "People On The Street" ‏Music Video by Neil Young Director - Tim Pope The music video "People On The Street" from‏ Neil Young's 1986 album “Landing on Water” is now playing on Movie Night in the Hearse Theater | NYA. Tim Pope is the director of numerous highly acclaimed 1980's Neil Young music videos such as "Wonderin'", "Touch the Night", and "Weight Of The World". From "Landing on Water"
  5. "I had difficulty with the translation of "heart of gold" because there were no words that I knew to describe gold [in Cree language]." Adrian Sutherland of Midnight Shine Adrian Sutherland -- who is the lead singer of Midnight Shine -- spoke on First Words | CBC a weekly podcast focused on Indigenous languages. Midnight Shine's Adrian Sutherland discusses the challenges of translating Neil

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