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  1. Neil Young: "I'm Happy To Report In. Vote Your Conscience." DEVELOPING Last year, the application by Canadian Neil Young to become a U.S. citizen was delayed due to "possible lack of GMC (Good Moral Character)". In a posting on Neil Young Archives, Neil has just now posted a photo of him saluting the US flag, with a caption: "I'm Happy To Report In. Vote Your Conscience." Neil Young is
  2. NYA: The Archives as Art | Times Contrarian A rather provocative opinion posted on Neil Young's Times Contrarian NYA: The Archives as Art | Times Contrarian by Prof. Chris Morash, Seamus Heaney Professor of Irish Writing at Trinity College in Dublin. Prof. Morash posits that Neil Young's Archives project is not just a music streaming service but an entire architecture of an artist's body of
  3. It's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so we thought this might make an appropriate posting for the day. In 2016, Neil Young released the album Peace Trail with a song titled "My Pledge", which contains some enigmatic lyrics. In the song "My Pledge", Neil sings about the alienating side effects of modernization, including cell phones and the monetization of Jimi Hendrix's music. The song also
  4. Here is a concert video of the Particle Kid song "Everything is Bullshit" by Neil Young + Promise of The Real at the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana on 9/19/19 by the legendary REAL'r fan Candy Butterscotch. For more, see Concert Review of the Moment: Neil Young + Promise of the Real - Indianapolis, IN, Sept 19, 2019 by "Keys Left Hangin" Brian. "Road Dog" Mike & "Keys Left Hangin"
  5. Goin' To Greendale | BENTLEY’S BANDSTAND | NYA A preview of the upcoming concert film of the Greendale Tour by Neil Young & Crazy Horse is featured on Goin' To Greendale | BENTLEY’S BANDSTAND | NYA. Music industry veteran Bill Bentley writes about his Greendale experience and seeing the film of the 2003 Toronto concert: ‘And that, dear listeners, is when the bells start ringing, the lights

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