Montag, Juni 17, 2024

Neil Young Podcast

Hier ein schöner Podcast (ist wie Radiosendung - oh, wir vermissen das HH Radio) mit 20 Allzeit-Lieblingssongs von Neil und zwei Neil-Fanatiker diskutieren da drüber:

Call him “Old Black”, “Shakey”, or “The Godfather Of Grunge”, we just call him Neil. One of the finest songwriters in rock n roll history and a force of nature on stage, Neil Young has seen and done it all. He is a true legend in rock – a firebrand, railing against the system with a sneer and a wink; and an old softie – author of some of the prettiest love songs this side of Smokey Robinson. From his humble beginnings with Buffalo Springfield to today, Neil’s staggering body of work is only matched by his will to create and never ‘rust’ and continue to make music the only way he knows how – his way.

Ben is joined via Skype all the way from lovely Milwaukee, Wisconsin by old pal and fellow Neil fanatic Chris Van Gompel. Ben and Chris break down his career and play 20 of his most memorable and amazing songs.

Dank an Ben.

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